Starbucks is under fire for a recent memo sent out to staff. In it, the coffee company prohibits employees from wearing Black Lives Matter attire.

Per Buzzfeed News, “Black Lives Matter attire was prohibited from the lists of things employees can wear due to its dress code policy, which also includes any type of political, religious, or personal accessories or clothing.” They add, “However, Starbucks not only exempts buttons and attire celebrating LGBTQ rights and marriage equality, but hands them out.”

In a memo, management wrote that “Black Lives Matter could be misunderstood and potentially incite violence.” Buzzfeed also reveals that in addition, employees saw a video where the VP of inclusion and diversity says that when it comes to Black Lives Matter accessories, “agitators who misconstrue the fundamental principles of the movement and could use them to amplify divisiveness.”

This comes after Starbucks went on Twitter last week to announce that they were committed to being “part of the change.”

Of course, social media is not happy about the rules Starbucks has put into place for their employees.