Sometimes you just have to improvise to follow the rules. According to the New York Post, a Ukrainian woman found a creative way to wear a mask. While at a post office, she removed her panties and wore them as a mask after being refused service.

The outlet explains, “When told that she would not be provided service without a required mask, the flustered woman removed her pants in front of stunned customers – then took off her white panties and placed them over her face.”


Of course, the footage was caught on surveillance. It was posted online by an employee who later was punished for sharing the video. As of April, all Ukrainian residents were ordered to carry and ID and wear masks in public.

The New York Post also added that many social media users were impressed with the woman’s… um, creativity. One user wrote, “Well, she found a way around it. No one has banned the use of panties instead of a mask yet!” Another added, “She was lucky she wasn’t wearing a thong that day otherwise the idea would have failed!”

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