official charts

The start of 2020 may have kept us from going out, but not the music from coming in… and I’m so here for it!

In no particular order (because I’d overanalyze it and be here until Friday and still be unhappy with the results), here are the pop collaborations to hit our airwaves so far this year:

  1. Sam Smith + Demi Lovato- I’m ready

  2. Justin Bieber + Ariana Grande- Stuck With U

  3. Marshmello + Halsey- Be Kind

  4. Lady Gaga + Ariana Grande- Rain On Me

  5. Megan Thee Stallion + Beyonce- Savage (yes I know this is technically hiphop, still makes my list!)

  6. Doja Cat + Nicki Minaj- Say So

I can’t wait to add to this list with more star-studded collabs 2020 has in store for us! Share some of your favorites with me*