Thanks to a FedEx driver and the power of social media, a little boy got the surprise of his lifetime from Pro Skater Tony Hawk!

Earlier this week while out on delivery, FedEx driver, Mikail, was stopped by a young boy asking if he could ship a package for him to his favorite skater, Tony Hawk.  The package exactly? An old beaten up skateboard that read in marker on the underside: To Tony Hawk, From Cooper.

Obviously there was no address and no way for Mikail to get the sweet gesture to Tony, so he did the next best thing and put it out there into the Internet universe!

Mikail took to TikTok (on what now has over 5.4 million views) to say “Tony, if you see this, Cooper in Suwanee, Georgia is a big fan.  Maybe you could give him a shoutout and the next time I drive by his house I’ll show him the video and it’ll probably make his whole life.”

Mikail on TikTok

Mikail (@fresh2deaf) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. @tonyhawk #fedex #fedexlife #fedexdriver

In just a few short hours, the viral video made its way to none other than the man himself, Tony Hawk.  Not only did he deliver on the shoutout video Mikail suggested, he also sent Cooper a new board!

Tony Hawk on TikTok

Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound.

What an awesome gesture by this FedEx driver who is not only risking his health by being an essential worker, but also taking the time to make a big difference in a kid’s life!