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This heartwarming story and selfless gesture is touching people everywhere!

Rob Kenney may be the purest thing on the internet right now.  His popular YouTube Channel “Dad, How Do I?” features tutorials on how to perform basic skills that one may think to turn to a father figure for guidance with.

For most people, basic things like tying a tie, checking your oil or tire pressure, and unclogging a sink have been taught first-hand.  But, at times, we tend to not think about those that don’t necessarily have someone to show them the ropes.  “Dad How Do I?” now has over 850,000 subscribers and has pulled on the heart-strings of people all over.


When asked about the reasoning behind this specific channel, Kenney shared a devastating story involving his own father.  When he was just 14, his dad abandoned him and his siblings.  Rob eventually went on to have a family of his own adding two beautiful and successful children, but still felt compelled to help others like him.

He told Shattered magazine that he wants to leave a legacy, particularly for those who struggle with a broken family or absent parent.

The world needs more Rob Kenney’s!

How to tie a tie.

How to tie a tie.

via ScaryMommy