Research done in London has concluded that men are less inclined to wear face coverings than women.

At Middlesex University, almost 2,500 participants were asked if they had intentions of wearing face masks when being in public.  The results concluded that men showed more negative feelings toward the thought of covering their face than women, and even found it to be ‘shameful’ and ‘a sign of weakness.’

Despite statistics showing Covid-19 actually more seriously affects men as opposed to women, Researcher Dr. Capraro said “men [being] less inclined to wear a face covering can be partly explained by the fact that men are more likely to believe that they will be relatively unaffected by the disease compared to women.”

Andre Penner

Women were shown to be more inclined to wear some sort of mask outside of the home or when engaging with others. The survey included 1,266 men and 1,183 women, and 10 whom did not disclose their gender.