The latest internet craze involves candy, a hidden camera, and testing toddlers’ patience everywherePeople all over the internet are obsessed with this new challenge of placing a bowl of candy in front of your toddler and telling them they can’t eat it until you get back.  We can see the existential struggle they face through the hidden camera as they try to refrain and it is hysterical.

We saw earlier this week Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s 2 year old daughter, Stormi, pass with flying colors! She even spoke her plan aloud saying “patience… patience.”

Gabrielle Union is the latest celebrity to put their toddler to the test.  Her and Dwayne Wade’s 1 year old, Kaavia James, didn’t quite have Stormi’s same level of patience… but it made for a video just as hilariously sweet.

As you can see, Kaavia wasted no time making sure Mom had cleared the room before she dove fist first into her favorite snack.  Her willpower and mine are far too similar…