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A week following the release of the remix to Doja Cat’s single “Say So,” featuring Nicki Minaj, the Los Angeles singer-rapper has released the original version of her collaboration with Minaj.

The track was previously released on international streaming platforms before being replaced with the current remix that is available on Apple Music and other streaming services.

Now, both versions of the “Say So” remix are available to stream everywhere. The original version of the song features a different verse from Minaj minus the outro.

“Slide on a [expletive], I’ma need my skates / Social distance, I’ma need my space,” Nicki Minaj raps on the song. Minaj recently had a Q&A on Twitter with fans where she said that she knew she would end up on the remix.

“Idk but I had a funny feeling I’d end up on that remix. The weirdest thing. Can’t explain it,” Minaj tweeted.

“Man, I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be a part of this kind of history. I love all the girls involved,” Minaj said. “It just feels like an epic moment to witness & be a part of @ the same damn time.”


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