This 30+ year show has predicted far too many events and now we’re seeing some 2020 similarities from an episode that debuted in 1993…

The Simpsons are no stranger to the long standing debate between predictions and oddly accurate coincidences.  Someone on the internet has made the eerie comparison between our current situation in 2020, and an episode that aired back in the early nineties.

Within the episode, “Marge in Chains,” the town falls victim to an epidemic that is handled in a comedic way.  You’ll see the townspeople “rioting” in the face of a medical professional, demanding a cure, and then stumbling upon… you’ll *literally* never guess… killer bees!

We’ve just learned about Murder Hornets in the United States for the first time as of recently and we haven’t been hit with a pandemic of this magnitude in decades, so people are drawing the uncanny comparison.  Check it out for yourself and see what you think!

The question remains… do the writers and creators of ‘The Simpsons’ have some sort of inside intel that allows them to predict the future, or are they just spot on with their comedic coincidences?