If you can even believe it, no I have not run out of things to binge-watch!

Since we’re all planted in front of our streaming services, now’s the best possible time to stream all of those buzz-worthy shows you may or may not be familiar with…

No spoiler alerts will be revealed, just plot summaries, lead actors, what to expect, and the streaming service you can binge it on!

Up next on my list is the hit limited mini series: Waco

Streaming Service: Netflix

Episodes: 6

Starring: Michael Shannon, Taylor Kitsch, Rory Culkin, Andrea Riseborough

Plot Summary: Based on the true story of the 1993 FBI standoff with religious cult leader David Koresh, this miniseries highlights what went on in this compound in Waco, Texas both before and during the 51 day deadlock.

What to Expect: A detailed look into potentially the largest FBI standoff in history surrounding one of the most manipulative cult leaders of the modern era.  You get a deeper look into the mind of David Koresh and the relationships and ideals he forced upon his members.  This series not only shows you what went on inside the compound, it also takes you inside the minds and strategies of the FBI leading up to that fateful day.

I haven’t yet finished the entirety of the miniseries but if you like detailed looks into big controversial moments in our nation’s history, you’ll enjoy Waco!

Check back next week for a new binge-worthy show suggestion!