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By shocking new executive order, Governor Bryan Kemp has removed driving tests as part of licensing requirements for teens…

We’ve seen some new rules and developments amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, but none quite like this.  The Governor of Georgia will now only require an “Okay” from parents to allow teens to obtain their driver’s license.

The teens will still need to complete 40 hours of supervised driving but apparently the road test itself is where they draw the line stating “this new/easier process will be in place as the Department of Driver Services carries out social distancing policies during the pandemic. Those policies make the road tests that require a shared vehicle unworkable, so the state’s decided to just drop them altogether.”

Shockingly enough, parents are divided on this new executive decision with some completely in favor of it. Luckily, the order is only lasting until mid May but how many untrained drivers will we have on the roads by then? Certain states allow licensing as early as 15 years of age but the most standard age is 16, which personally, I feel is all too young to begin with.  Now add ‘no driving test’ to the mix and we may have some trouble on our hands.

What’s next? Permission slips to buy beer? We’ve never seen an executive order quite like this one.  It might be time to rethink some insurance policies and get a car from the junk yard lot….


Sources: Complex  /  Fox 5 Atlanta