Who would’ve thought that all of these Zoom calls actually take a toll on us… 

Some people (myself included) have thought Zoom calls and conferences would be easier than in office meetings, but we were extremely wrong!

Zoom fatigue or exhaustion is affecting people everywhere… here are some of the ways it’s running us down:

  1. It requires more focus– Zoom calls actually require our brain to put forth more effort when processing things like voice tone, blurry faces, etc.
  2. Waiting your turn– Seems simple, however, with only one person being able to talk at a time, we actually get anxious and uncomfortable waiting for our turn to speak.
  3. Maximum eye contact– Virtual calls demand more eye contact which can be off-putting.  In real-life settings, our eyes will shift around the room from time to time naturally to avoid constant intimidating eye contact.
  4. Appearance– It’s easy to get caught up in staring at yourself in your individual Zoom square, and doing so actually makes us more self-conscious about our appearance and ultimately distracted.
  5. Lack of non-verbal cues– We as people pick up on body language, and often times rely on it during person to person communication.  Virtual calls eliminate body language that often times puts us at ease.

If you’re experiencing what we now know as “Zoom fatigue” there are a few things you can do to combat it:

Schedule a decent amount of time between chats, mix in regular style phone calls if able, and take the view off of “grid” to avoid seeing everyone at once.  Check here for more info and tips!