According to Metro.UK, Casanova used to use Lemons as a diaphragm in the 18th century, because it fit and citric acid was said to kill sperm. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

The trendy phrase “Quarantine 15” is proving to be fake news…

In the early stages of social distancing you may have seen or heard people talking about the inevitable “Quarantine 15” when referencing the weight everyone was expecting gain, however, a new survey shows that 79% of people are surprisingly not eating worse since lockdown.

In fact, only the people who were already practicing less than ideal eating habits are the ones admittedly eating worse these days.  45% of those who had not been eating healthy prior to this report not paying much attention to their diets during quarantine.

Other (what I believe to be surprising and impressive) facts include:

  • 45% of people have been cooking more meals at home while using healthier ingredients
  • 25% of people are actually eating more fruits and vegetables
  • Only 20% of people report snacking more than usual
  • Only 10% of people are ordering more takeout and delivery

Overall, not too bad! Some people have even taken it a step further and have upped their workout routines with 19% of people saying they’ve picked up yoga and 18% of people implementing cardio exercises!

I’m sad to say that I’m certainly not part of the 79% who say they haven’t been eating worse but luckily there still seems to be time for me to get it together…. BUT 27% of people do report getting more sleep and that’s definitely the group I reside in!

You can read more on this new Quarantine 15 survey here!