Since we’re all watching more TV than ever (it’s ok to admit it), I’m going to feature a different binge-worthy show each week!

Some features will be ones you may have already seen, but hopefully it can get more people hip to the shows you love and you yourself may even find a new one here!

No spoiler alerts will be revealed, just plot summaries, lead actors, what to expect, and the streaming service you can binge it on!

For this week, I’m bringing back a long-running favorite of mine: How To Get Away With Murder

Streaming Service: Netflix (latest season available on Hulu + ABC)

Seasons: 6 (weekly episodes currently streaming)

Starring: Viola Davis, Liza Weil, Charlie Weber and more

Plot Summary: Set in a more present-day Philadelphia, Viola Davis stars as the strong-willed, brilliant defense attorney and law professor, Annalise Keating.  At the start of the semester she chooses five eager and seemingly lucky law students to work for her, but things quickly go from midterms to murder plot.  Entangled in lies and loopholes of the law, this group teaches us how to get away with murder.

What to Expect: Plot-lines revealing how each individual came to be involved in the lies and coverups that they now must navigate in order to not wind up in prison, or worse… dead.  You’ll see sexy, ambitious characters and interpersonal relationships while getting your strong dose of both law and murder mystery genres.  Viola Davis is an absolute genius in this ever-evolving thriller.

I’m all caught up so far and season 6 is still active on ABC and being released weekly on Hulu! You’re sure to love this suspenseful crime meets drama-mystery!

Check back next week for a new binge-worthy show suggestion!