Social distancing has us all bored… but clearly not as bored as Chips Ahoy’s marketing team!

From Coca-Cola TicTacs, to Twizzlers without the twist… we’ve seen some crazy food products hit the market during this period of quarantine.  The question is, do they actually sound good or are you just as bored as these corporations are?

The newest, and potentially most disturbing product now unveiled is Sour Patch Chips Ahoy cookies.  Yep, let’s try this again so we all can grasp the insanity that has been typed… Sour. Patch. COOKIES.  Why, you ask? I WISH there was a good answer for this monstrosity.

It wasn’t all the long ago that Sour Patch introduced a cereal… as in… sour sweet candy floating around a bowl of dairy but hey, who am I to judge the palate of a child? That cereal, however, has left a bad taste in my mouth (zero pun intended), because certain things just shouldn’t be combined.  That happens to include… sour patch candy and cookies.

This bizarre, unwarranted new product is now available… but if you are over the age of 11 and have a desire to eat these new cookies… I have no choice but to deem you untrustworthy!

These cookies are limited edition… and thank goodness! Hopefully they’ll be gone sooner than later!

via CandyHunting