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Lockdown is making us all a little stir crazy… but this guy in Connecticut has officially cracked!

Unfortunately this quarantine has taught me that my hobbies only seem to include essential businesses, restaurants, and bars.  But I know I’m certainly not the only one, and this quarantine crazed guy in New Haven, CT proves it!

Last week, a restaurant in Connecticut closed down, which didn’t seem to stop Louis Ortiz.  The manager of the establishment went to do a wellness check on the place and stumbled upon the 42 year old who had been LIVING THERE for the past four days!

Truly I’m cry-laughing as I type this, but the best is yet to come; When the cops arrived to arrest Ortiz on burglary, larceny, and criminal mischief, the manager noticed 70 bottles of liquor missing.  Yes, you read that correctly, SEVENTY.  Louis must’ve thrown a rager or has the alcohol tolerance of a Sri Lankan Elephant….

Cry. Laughing.

Even though I know this is wrong and completely against the law… I somehow understand where he was coming from.

Read more from NBC Connecticut here!