The Nielsen estimate is officially out on number of minutes spent watching Joe Exotic meltdown and sing tiger inspired ballads, and Carole Baskin denying feeding her husband to tigers… and it ain’t pretty…

On the lonely, locked-down week of March 29th, we as Americans collectively watched over 5.3 billion minutes of Netflix’s most unprecedented mini series, Tiger King.  And weeks later the question still remains… are we doing ok?!

There’s no denying the reason behind our increase in binge-watching, however, 5.3 billion minutes in a single week of anything is just too much, let alone the insanity that is Joe Exotic and friends.  Now, I’m not complaining about the viewership, in fact, I account for a good amount of the most minutes myself!  What has me mind-blown is that Neilsen only allots for TV viewership, so the potential for views exceeding beyond 5.3 billion is more than extremely likely!

tiger king

To put this into comparison briefly, the second most viewed show on Netflix was Ozark and it only had 3.5 billion views in a single week.

As controversial as Tiger King was, for a moment in time it united us as people…. who all have severe binge-watching issues!


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