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401549 12: Singer Britney Spears and boyfriend Justin Timberlake from the band N'sync, arrive at Clive Davis'' pre-grammy awards gala February 26, 2002 in Beverly Hills, CA. (Photo by J. Emilio Flores/Getty Images)
Britney Spears is passing the time in self-quarantine by dancing and fans recently fliped over her song of choice. The singer posted a video to Instagram of her dancing to Justin Timberlake’s “Filthy” and it’s bringing back all kinds of nostalgia for everyone on the internet.

She captioned the photo, “This is my version of Snapchat or TikTok or whatever the cool thing you’re supposed to do these days !!!!! As you can see I’m not really dancing folks …… I’m just very bored.” Britney then adds, “PS I know we had one of the world’s biggest breakups 20 years ago …… but hey the man is a genius !!!! Great song JT ✨ !!!! Pssss if you KNOW WHAT’S GOOD  !!!!!!”

And the best part of the video: JT responded. Justin responded with a crying laughing and three celebratory raised hand emojis.  Her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, also responded with, “Snapchat, Instagram, tiktok, Facebook, even MySpace was inspired by you.”

It didn’t take long for people to go crazy under her comments. One fan wrote, “What in the Carol Baskins!? @britneyspears came to break the internet today!,” another wrote, “omg Britney shouting out Justin is the content we all need right now,” and one simply added, “shooketh.” Britney’s sister Jamie Lynn also chimed in, saying, “Blogs are already plotting their outrageous stories… you keep having fun and looking cute tho!!”