Since we’re all watching more TV than ever (it’s ok to admit it), I’m going to feature a different binge-worthy show each week!

Some features will be ones you may have already seen, but hopefully it can get more people hip to the shows you love and you yourself may even find a new one here!

No spoiler alerts will be revealed, just plot summaries, lead actors, what to expect, and the streaming service you can binge it on!

The first show I want to feature is the latest one I’ve been hooked on: Little Fires Everywhere


Streaming Service: Hulu

Seasons: 1 (weekly episodes currently streaming)

Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, and Joshua Jackson (you may know him as Percy from Dawson’s Creek lol)

Plot Summary: This miniseries is set in the 90’s.  Not only are you getting a lineup of star studded actors, you’re also getting a completely original plot line based on Celeste Ng’s 2017 Bestseller.  The show parallels the lives and stories of two vastly different women who become intermingled along the way, all while navigating motherhood and the repercussions of holding dark secrets from their pasts.

What to Expect: Flashbacks that reveal dark secrets and troubling stories about the characters, and cliffhangers and mild confusion as the series slowly peels back the layers of the storyline.  This show has a semi-slow start, but an ever-changing, ever-evolving plot that keeps you wanting more detail.  Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington do an amazing job at embodying the tremendous differences between two women when it comes to motherhood and personal achievement while exposing the weight secrets can hold.


I’m all caught up on the latest episode and I can assure you that this miniseries is worth the watch if you enjoy intense, mysterious plot lines.

Check back next week for a new binge-worthy show suggestion!