For most, the honeymoon stage is long gone… and quarantine is proving it.

Sure, your significant other is very important to you.  Their triumphs are your triumphs and your hardships are theirs.  Partnership.  Love.  Once upon a time….

Until Covid-19 hit.  Now couples are spending more time than ever at home in close quarters with one another.  Time Magazine has provided some tips on how to keep your relationship from succumbing to the hardships of this crisis:


  1. Give your partner privacy, and remember to take your own private time.
  2. Be a good listener.  All feelings/emotions are valid, especially right now,
  3. Laugh.  Now more than ever, you must remember to enjoy one another.
  4. Adult time (wink wink).  Intimacy is important, especially since it relieves stress and keeps you connected.
  5. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Everything will seem magnified… little quirks, little annoyances, try and let them go as best as possible.  Focus on the big picture.
  6. Take a “time-out” from your arguments.  Fighting with your partner is hard enough, not being able to storm out or walk away makes it even more challenging.  Hit pause.


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