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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA - MAY 22: RVs sit parked on a street across from Google headquarters on May 22, 2019 in Mountain View, California. As the price of rent continues to skyrocket in the San Francisco Bay Area, a number of RVs have appeared on the streets near the Google headquarters in Mountain View. The Mountain View police department logged nearly 300 RVs parked on city streets that appeared to be used as a primary residence. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

During this COVID-19 pandemic nurses and doctors are not only dealing with the stress of treating patients with the virus and the chance of getting infected themselves, they are also faced with the problem of going home after a long day of work and possibly passing on the virus to their loved ones.

The problem is so great that some people took serious action by starting a Facebook page matching medical staff with RVs and trailers that are sitting dormant during this time when everyone is told to stay home. The Facebook group is called RVs for MDs.

RVs 4 MDs has matched dozens of health care workers with RVs, trailers and campers. The Facebook group has already racked up nearly 3,000 members, which is an incredible number, given the fact that the group was created just one week ago.

Emily Phillips, a mother of three from Celina, Texas, had posted on her Facebook asking if anybody had an RV her family could borrow as her husband was an ER doctor in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. A woman named Holly Haggard replied saying that Phillips could borrow hers.

Phillips told CNN, “Before the RV, I was a nervous wreck. Every time my husband walked in the door or put his hand on something, I thought we were going to get (Covid-19), including my baby. But now that he’s in that RV, I’m back to my life, focused on my full-time job and my kids, and it’s completely changed our situation.”

The group is growing by leaps and bounds and every hour, there are new posts on the Facebook page from spouses and family members looking to be matched with an RV.

RVs 4 MDs To Fight the Corona Virus

Thank you all for your interest!???? This group is for Frontline Healthcare Workers in need of an RV and RV Owners willing to lend out an RV Only Please! All others see below! Thanks! ???? STEP 1: -Have...