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Honesty Hour

To all of the essential employees, the grocery workers, the delivery drivers, the first responders, the healthcare workers, etc. We see you. We appreciate yo...

Now, more than ever, it is important to help one another in this trying time. People all over the world are hurting; Not just physically, but financially, mentally, and emotionally. We must band together and let those fighting on the front-lines know just how appreciated they are.

If you know someone who deserves a shout-out for going the extra mile, submit their name and how they have helped you or the community, and we will be sure to give them a special thank you! A little kindness can go a long way. Just remember, we are all in this together.  To those on the front-lines: We are eternally grateful.




They say not all heroes wear capes.  That is true, in fact, they walk amongst us everyday.  Take a minute to know their names, to acknowledge the sacrifices they are making, and to say thank you!

Lauren Woolf- Nurse, OH

Bre Schlatter- Nurse, OH

Nicole Gleussner- Nurse, OH

Teresa Wilson- Nurse, OH

Katie Keller- Sonographer, OH

Mackenzie Barnes- Rad Tech, OH

Zii Todd- Firefighter, GA

Melina Sadler- Nurse, GA

Lindsay Sikes- Nurse, GA

Dana Fiske- Essential Employee, GA

Erica Shammaa- Doctor, AL

Jonathan Shammaa- Doctor, AL

Sammy Thompson-Hall – Firefighter, GA

Amber Woodward- Paramedic, GA

Jane Wilson- Nurse, GA

Shanea Burkley- Essential Employee, OH

Brian Lamphere- Essential Employee, OH

Becky Racioppo- Nurse, GA

Lori Stroupe- Nurse, GA

Meagan Minster- Hospital Social Worker, WI

Lauren Tiernan- Nurse Practitioner, GA

Cheryl Fink- Teacher, GA

Ryan Johnson- Essential Employee, GA

Dr. Valera Hudson- Chairwoman Dept. of Pediatrics, GA

Emily Nagy- Nurse, OH

Stephanie Dota- Respiratory Therapist, OH

Laine Amendolara- Nurse, OH

Bree Helminiak- Nurse, OH

7 Seas Med Spa Staff- Hospital Workers, GA