Coronavirus Coverage

Now, more than ever, it is important to help one another in this trying time. People all over the world are hurting; Not just physically, but financially, mentally, and emotionally. We must band together and let those fighting on the front-lines know just how appreciated they are.

If you know someone who deserves a shout-out for going the extra mile, submit their name and how they have helped you or the community, and we will be sure to give them a special thank you! A little kindness can go a long way. Just remember, we are all in this together.  To those on the front-lines: We are eternally grateful.




They say not all heroes wear capes.  That is true, in fact, they walk amongst us everyday.  Take a minute to know their names, to acknowledge the sacrifices they are making, and to say thank you!

Lauren Woolf- Nurse, OH

Bre Schlatter- Nurse, OH

Nicole Gleussner- Nurse, OH

Teresa Wilson- Nurse, OH

Katie Keller- Sonographer, OH

Mackenzie Barnes- Rad Tech, OH

Zii Todd- Firefighter, GA

Melina Sadler- Nurse, GA

Lindsay Sikes- Nurse, GA

Dana Fiske- Essential Employee, GA

Erica Shammaa- Doctor, AL

Jonathan Shammaa- Doctor, AL

Sammy Thompson-Hall – Firefighter, GA

Amber Woodward- Paramedic, GA

Jane Wilson- Nurse, GA

Shanea Burkley- Essential Employee, OH

Brian Lamphere- Essential Employee, OH

Becky Racioppo- Nurse, GA

Lori Stroupe- Nurse, GA

Meagan Minster- Hospital Social Worker, WI

Lauren Tiernan- Nurse Practitioner, GA

Cheryl Fink- Teacher, GA

Ryan Johnson- Essential Employee, GA

Dr. Valera Hudson- Chairwoman Dept. of Pediatrics, GA

Emily Nagy- Nurse, OH

Stephanie Dota- Respiratory Therapist, OH

Laine Amendolara- Nurse, OH

Bree Helminiak- Nurse, OH

7 Seas Med Spa Staff- Hospital Workers, GA