Midnight through April 4th:
“After much consultation with healthcare leaders, department of public health, ema, GMA, ACCG and state leaders, further measures need to be taken to prevent or minimize illness or injury to people and damage to property resulting from this emergency event COVID19. Therefore, another order will be issued today at 3:30 pm.
This order follows the Center for Disease Control’s latest guidance that people should not gather in groups of ten (10) or more with certain exceptions such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and medical facilities. It provides for the closing of public restaurants except for take-out service, the closing of bars, gymnasiums and other indoor recreational facilities, and body care salons of all types. Additional restrictions are imposed on other retail establishments depending on their ability to provide social distancing. These restrictions shall take effect at midnight tonight and shall extend until April 4, 2020 unless further amended by the Mayor or Commission.

This is the next step in an ongoing effort by City leadership to “flatten the curve” of this virus. As more testing is being conducted than in previous weeks, the numbers of confirmed cases will rise and potentially lead to more fear, anxiety and potential panic. It is imperative that we do all that can be done collectively to mitigate this significant threat to life, health and safety to all of our citizens in Augusta. I realize that Augusta may not be as affected as other cities, regardless of size, but I also recognize that it would be irresponsible not to take steps to try to mitigate any crisis.
This newest Order is an attempt to limit the rapid spread of this disease so that our local hospitals can manage potential cases without being overwhelmed all at one time. To accomplish this, Augustans will have to work together. The citizens of our community will ultimately determine the success or failure of these actions.”


Official Press Release To Come