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As if I needed any more reason to eat pizza!

The owner of a pizza place in Buffalo, NY has teamed up with the local animal shelter she also volunteers at to help more dogs get adopted through the power of advertising… and pizza!

Mary Alloy owns a local Buffalo restaurant, Just Pizza & Wings Company, but volunteers with the animals in her spare time.  After the event coordinator at the shelter presented the idea of putting flyers for dogs in need of loving homes on pizza boxes, Mary didn’t hesitate to make sure they were her pizza boxes!

She took it one step further and also started offering $50 gift certificates for free pizza if you present the flyer upon adoption.  It’s been less than a week of this new form of animal shelter advertising and one dog has already been adopted because of it!

Mary said “I never expected it to do this, never… it takes like nothing. Whatever I can do because I’m really trying to help the Niagara SPCA.”  She herself has 13 shelter cats, and always makes time to volunteer for the animals.  She’s proof that you can mix business and pleasure! Pizza and puppies?! Sign. Me. UP!


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