All of this work becoming a local made me thirsty… so I had to stop by Savannah River Brewing!

There are a lot of stops I need to make to become a local, but luckily this is a fun to-do list.  I hope you’ll follow along as I give unqualified reviews, document my experiences, and have a ton of fun all around the great metro Augusta!

The second stop on my Tour De Augusta: SAVANNAH RIVER BREWING!

I decided the best way to soak as much in as possible was to get a flight of beers (don’t worry, I ubered home lol.) The beers I tried in order were: No Jacket Required, Dynamite Brown, Blancy Kong, Swamp Thing.  In the video you’ll see my poor attempt at reviewing these delicious drinks, but enjoying them to the fullest nonetheless!

Suggestions always welcome! Send them via message on socials, or text/call 706-922-0983!

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