World Radio Day is February 13th! On this day we celebrate the invention and use of the radio for its important influence across the world. At a global level, radio broadcasting is the most widely reached platform. It is used to provide information, educate people, and promote freedom of expression across many cultures! MOST importantly, radio gives us the ability to share the love of music and everything that comes with it! (Top 40 being the best, of course!)


We wouldn’t be US without YOU! Take a few moments to listen to why radio is so important to our on air talent!

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Chad Bennett: 7pm-12:00am

I started in radio when I was in High School and well…I haven’t done anything else! I was seeking the fame and glory, but all I got was a closet full of T-Shirts!  Just kidding! I love music and that is the main reason I got into broadcasting.  It is always fun to talk to listeners. They always have a personal connection to the station somehow! It is evident when I do the “Question of the Night”, because the answers are never boring, and you never know what people are going to say.  By the way, I hear there is some kind of golf thing here, and well…. if someone needs a friend to hang out with, I’ll bring the sunblock! It could be useful in April.


Thanks so much for tuning in with HD98.3! Be sure to stay current and up to date with us on air, online, and on social media @hd983 @fenwayonair! This is going to be a year to remember!

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