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Lizzo, Dua Lipa, Rosalia, and Lil Nas X all had an epic night Sunday for the GRAMMYs, and afterward, the group went out a celebrated in style. Lizzo posted videos in her Instagram story showing the artists all out and about partying at a strip club. According to Insider, Lizzo actually bought out the entire club for the evening.

In the videos, you can see all of them dancing and having a good time and throwing money on girls.

The night seems harmless and fun, but of course, there are people upset with how the artists chose to spend their evening. A bulk of the hate went to Dua Lipa as people accused her of being anti-feminist for visiting a strip club. There is so much backlash that #Dualipaisoverparty is trending on Twitter. Luckily, the majority of the tweets are in defense of Dua Lipa and the others doing whatever they please. See some of the reactions below.