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During an episode of WEtv’s Growing Up Hip-Hop, Angela Simmons broke down after emotionally explaining to her life coach that it was hard explaining to her son that his father is dead.

“I was with my son, and super emotional right, even to talk about it. He was looking out the window and he’s like, ‘Daddy, white car,'” Simmons said on the verge of tears.

“I question him, ‘Where do you see him?’ or ‘Who is Daddy? What does he look like?’ I’m asking him.”

“I’m like, ‘Do you want to see your dad?’ And he’s like, ‘Yes.’ So, he’s coming over and I start showing him videos and pictures and stuff. And he stopped,” Simmons continued.

“And it’s not like he’s conversational. So this is what makes it emotional. He was like, ‘Is he alive?’ But he doesn’t even say the word ‘alive,’ so for him to ask that is like, ‘Whoa.’ Did he really just say, ‘Is he alive?'”

“This is the first time I’m having to explain it to him, which is super sad because he’s three. How do you explain to a three-year-old that you’re never going to see them again? Other than my own way which is like me saying he’s in heaven or he’s with God,” Simmons continued to explain.

“Then he kind of laid his head on my shoulder and told me he was sad. I never see him emotional. I talked to him and I was like, ‘You’re okay. You’re good. I got you.’ But it was super hard,” Simmons said, explaining herself while wiping her tears from her face.

Simmons’ life coach comforted her while she was distraught. She let her know that it would be difficult for anyone to tell a child something of that nature, especially when you’re still grieving yourself.

Simmons’ son’s father, Sutton Tennyson was shot 13 times, according to his autopsy, as Page Six reports. Growing Up Hip Hop airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WEtv.

Check out a clip from the episode below.

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