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Wet Nose Wednesday!

Feliz has the biggest smile and she’s hoping to bring it into her forever home!

Feliz was brought in as a stray around Christmas time so her name comes from Feliz Navidad! She is a 2 year old Pit-mix that they refer to as a “pocket Pit” because she is so small! Feliz is so sweet, smiley, and loving with people and gets along with cats, too!


She sits like a good girl and is a great listener! Oh, and she loves treats…

Feliz is Heartworm positive+ but all treatment is covered completely by the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare in Aiken.  She is currently receiving the injections needed to cure her and is on track to lead a healthy, normal, heartworm-free life! The only special accommodation is keeping her calm for the next 8 weeks or so to allow the medication to work properly but she is almost out of the woods for good!

Learn more about this angel at or through the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare’s Facebook page!