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Liam Payne performs on stage

Liam Payne went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and performed his new song “Live Forever.”

Liam Payne: Live Forever

Music guest Liam Payne performs "Live Forever" for the Tonight Show audience.

During his interview, the singer talked about how his fans helped title his new album, LP1. He then raved about how much he would love to collaborate with Post Malone. He says, “He actually slid in my DMs one night… not in that way. I covered his song that week or I said something nice about him, and he was like ‘Love you, Buster.'” He adds, “I like him a lot.” Jimmy them went on to talk about the time Post Malone took him to Olive Garden. Liam responds saying, “So I guess if I want to collaborate with him, I should just hang out at every Olive Garden.”

Watch the interview below.