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Back in October, we reported on actresses and singer Gina Naomi Baez doing a parody of Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” remixed as Hocus Pocus characters for Halloween. Lizzo reposted it on Instagram which, caused the song to go viral. Now Baez is giving us another remix just in time for Christmas.

The actress has done a parody of Billie Eilish’s “Bad Buy” as The Grinch. In this version, the grumpy and anti-Christmas antagonist is slightly more glam.

Lyrics for the clever song match Eilish’s “Bad Guy” tempo perfecting.  They are:

Mount crumpet is where I reside
north of whoville, steep mountain high
with my loyal dog by my side
green face incomparable
grouchy, bitter, thats how I do
with a temper and heart thats two sizes too small
cant stand the whos
Christmas unbearable

So you’re a merry who
like it really joyous, who
Just cant get more cheerful, who
singing fahoo foray who

Well I’m cantankerous
hate the noise of Christmas
sour yet still fabulous
selfish but my waist is cinched
Im the Glam grinch! (She’s the Glam Grinch)
I hate Christmas!

Watch the Billie Eilish parody below.