Wet Nose Wednesday!

Interested in bringing home a new furry family member and not sure what type of dog fits best for you?

Adoption is always the best way to find a new companion; however, it is still important to consider what breed you adopt (even if they are mixes). Not every dog breed is suitable for everyone’s lifestyle. The number one reason why dogs become abandoned, returned or neglected is because they seem unmanageable one way or another. This can be eliminated by just doing some research before signing the paper work.

Consider this: Siberian Huskies were bred to run fast through harsh snowy conditions while pulling a sled. They are working dogs! These dogs do not fare well as cooped up dogs living in small apartments. They need room to run! Another example is the English Bulldog. These dogs were bred to be indoors. They physically cannot handle the heat and freezing cold temperatures outdoors. They are not suitable for traveling or camping, but are perfect if you’re a couch potato and enjoy being comfortable at home!

All of these factors should be considered when adopting a pup. Take the quiz below and discover which type of dog is best for your lifestyle!