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We’ve all watched Blake Shelton mock Taylor Swift’s reactions to winning awards over the years by putting his hands on his cheeks and gasping, but recently Taylor was a mentor for Shelton’s team on NBC’s The Voice and he was more than impressed with her.

Blake told us, “She’s just so smart. That’s the thing… we all know how talented Taylor is, but I think 50 percent of her success is also combining her talent with just literally how smart she is.”

He adds, “I love every time I’m around her, I just I love kind of soaking it in and listening to her talk and how she always has something to say or a way of looking at something that I never have. People were always a little bit blown away when she comes on the show because once you get past that it’s Taylor Swift, then you’re even more impressed by her. Once you just can get that out of the way and then just kind of soak in who she is.”