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Prince - "Rapsberry Beret"

Prince’s estate is releasing a book called The Beautiful Ones, which is a collection of letters and notes found in the singer’s home. Among the revelations in the book are his opinions about Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran. NME is claiming that the singer wrote that he thinks the music industry is “trying to ram” the two singers “down our throats.” He also said, “We don’t like [their music] no matter how many times they play it.”

According to BBC, The book also explains that the singer was worried about the future of radio in general. Dan Piepenbring, who compiled and worked on the book with Prince, elaborates by saying, “More than a grudge with a few artists in particular, what he was bemoaning was a culture that simply doesn’t allow artists to color outside the lines.”

The Beautiful Ones also includes drawings, photographs, and family memorabilia. The book will be out on October 29.