Our ‘Breast Summer Ever’ contest winner has completed her breast augmentation so we wanted to check in one more time!!

We knew Christian was special when she entered our contest with her heartwarming story, she touched us with her kind spirit when we sat down with her Pre-Op, and she continued to remind us why we love her so much when we met up with her following her procedure!

Just to recap: Christian started her weight-loss journey at 304 lbs.  Through hard-work, determination, and a healthier lifestyle she was able to lose around 140 lbs! One small downside to her weight-loss was losing additional weight from her breasts.  We sat down with her Pre-Op and through her anxiousness and anticipation she gave us very inspiring insight on living healthy and loving your body, but also being okay with small changes you may desire to help restore your confidence.

That’s exactly what happened for Christian after she received her breast augmentation! She told me during our sit-down, “it’s not that I didn’t have confidence before, but this definitely boosted it!”

Now don’t get her wrong, there were definitely some healing struggles, but most of those include her not being able to exercise in the ways that she usually does! (I guess if you have to have an issue post-op that’s the one you’d want haha!) But overall, she is very happy with how everything turned out and is feeling more confident than ever!

When asked if she had any advice for women considering a breast augmentation she laid it out simply: “Go for it!”


We love Christian and hope you’ll follow her journey on Instagram @christianwhitakers_journey.  Also, check out our interview below and before/after photos!