Pink Blossoms and an Alarm Clock on an Old Wooden Table

If you are naturally a morning person, consider yourself extremely lucky.  If you’re not a morning person, eliminating these things may help.

According to Travel and Leisure, here are 5 things not to do when you first wake up:

  1. Snooze your alarm– You end up waking up more groggy by allowing yourself to continue cycles of sleep that are keep getting interrupted.
  2. Check social media/emails– Not only is LED lighting in your face immediately upon opening your eyes not good for you, neither is getting sucked into the time-consuming vortex of the online world before your day has even begun.
  3. Leave your bed a mess– Countless research has proven that a made bed is shown to increase productivity and clarity throughout the day.
  4. Drink coffee– I’m sorry, what?! Apparently the body performs better when coffee is consumed after 9:30am due to the natural amounts of cortisol in our bodies that are produced at a higher level around 8am.
  5. Get ready in the dark- The darkness tricks our brain and body into thinking it may still be nighttime which ends up making us feel more tired.


Reading through this list I realized that I do in fact do ALL of these things in the mornings that may be contributing to my struggle… I guess I should follow these tips.

Source: Travel and Leisure