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368579 Kirsten Dunst And Gabrielee Union Star In "Cheer Fever" To Be Released In The Summer Of 2000. (Photo By Getty Images)

It doesn’t matter if you are Team Toros or Team Clovers, this is pretty epic.

Gabrielle Union and Kirsten Dunst have Bring It On fans going crazy right now with their latest project. The pair have teamed up to be part of the Rodarte Spring 2020 Lookbook, and it’s they’re giving everyone major nostalgia. Although they aren’t in pictures together, the two of them announced the project on social media using Bring It On References, which got the internet very excited.

Union wrote, “Dare I say… we brought it.” and Dunst added, “It’s been brought.”


That’s all it took for Twitter to explode. See the best reactions below.