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267558 01: Stressed business people at work. (Photo by Liaison)

Life is full of ups and downs, or as I like to refer to them… “pendulum swings.” However, a recent survey shows the Top 10 most stressful life moments amongst people…

See if you agree with these stressful life moments:

  1. Moving to a new home— Having done this recently, I certainly can attest to the stress on this one!
  2. Planning a wedding— All you beautiful brides out there… I salute you because everything about that process is stressful! Every. Single. Thing!
  3. Getting married— With the right spouse should this really induce “stress” or is this a continuation of planning the wedding… either way I wouldn’t know (LOL).
  4. Losing your job— Financial stress certainly resides at the top of the list for most people, no question here.
  5. Interviewing for a new job— Definitely nerve-wracking going into an interview setting, but lets not forget everything that it entails that causes stress, too: the right outfit, your resume, being punctual, etc!
  6. Starting a new job— Again, speaking from experience here recently, just YES. 
  7. Having a child— Do I even need to go into detail with this one? Parents… you are SUPERHEROES which makes sense as to why you’re SUPER-STRESSED.
  8. Meeting your partner’s parents for the first time— I got stressed just typing this one, not going to lie… but hopefully your partner preps you beforehand to help alleviate some of those stressors.
  9. Doing your taxes— Every year I have no idea what anything tax related means, therefore, stress. Every year I am convinced I’ve done something wrong on my forms, therefore, stress.  Every year I owe money, therefore, stress.  See where I’m going here?
  10. Having your phone die when you’re lost— Alright now I just feel like somebody is following me around and making most of this list based off my life.  Speaking, yet again, from experience (eye-roll), there is nothing more stressful than reverting back to the stone ages while you’re lost and trying to navigate back to civilization.  (Shoutout to the random Diner who let me use their landline to call my mom to call my friend to call my other friend to come rescue me.. also shame on us for not knowing people’s numbers/addresses by heart anymore!)

There’s a few I definitely would have added to this list… but that’s enough stress for one day.

(Source: OnePoll)