LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 24: The "Tinder" app logo is seen on a mobile phone screen on November 24, 2016 in London, England. Following a number of deaths linked to the use of anonymous online dating apps, the police have warned users to be aware of the risks involved, following the growth in the scale of violence and sexual assaults linked to their use. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Tinder nightmares happen far too often… but what if there were a few tips you could follow to get more matches?

A man in the U.K, who is one of the most right-swiped Tinder users EVER, has shared some insight on revamping your profile to get you more matches!

  1. Your first photo should have a brightly colored background to help you stand out– he recommends bright blue or yellow.
  2. Be sure to have a vacation photo to help show you’re adventurous and fun– but not all of them should be vacation photos.
  3. Have some variety within your photos.
  4. Keep your bio casual– he recommends cracking a little joke to help you appear more approachable.
  5. Chat your matches around 10:30pm on weeknights– he claims single people use Tinder right before bed.

A few other things he mentioned is to exclude group photos from the first 3 in your profile, and to not just list out your interests in your bio *yawn.*

Now I’m not sure if these work… but I may just get desperate enough to try them all.


(Source: TheSun)