I sat down with Stephen Puth to talk good BBQ, being introverted, and his latest single ‘Look Away’….

First things first, I need to talk about how CHILL Stephen is.  I mean chill like an old friend you’ve known for years would be! In fact, I found myself listening so intently that I was unable to say much outside of the word “awesome” every five seconds… so bear with me while watching (L O L.)  

Secondly, before I delve into what Stephen loves about the south and what his ideal Saturday consists of, if you haven’t already downloaded his latest hit ‘Look Away,’ stop reading this for a second and do it—you won’t be sorry. 

Ok, now I can tell you a little more about the talented singer-songwriter I had the pleasure of sitting down with.  By the time he joined us here in Augusta for a VIP performance and meet and greet before Ladies Night at SRP Park (Go Greenjackets!), he had already been to about five cities in FIVE days… Road-life. Is. Insane. And he’s nowhere near slowing down.  He’s been an established songwriter for years, writing hits for various artists and collaborating with brother Charlie (by the way, can this family get any more talented?!) But his new single has really propelled him into the spotlight.  Stephen, who considers himself an introvert and says he prefers a Saturday hike alone, is now playing shows of 3,000+ and opening for artists like LIZZO.  

Now, professionally, we know he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with as he already starts to make his mark; but I also wanted to uncover what he loves most about the South, and what he misses about his home of New Jersey.  Like most people, Stephen learned really quickly that the barbecue in the South is nothing shy of heaven-on-earth… but what I wasn’t particularly expecting, was us sharing a love for bread.  Yes, that is what he misses most about New Jersey.  The bread.  Ok, he also said he misses the beaches too because, lets be real, West coast beaches are rough…

What I admired most about Stephen Puth during our sit-down, was him really wanting to soak in the present of his current single, and not being in a rush to begin the next project.  In the world of streaming and easy access, it’s so easy for artists to pump out record after record in seemingly no time at all.  So his plan to nurture this track and “let it breathe” is truly something I love! (Again, go download ‘Look Away’)


Check out the full interview below and be on the lookout for more from this guy in the future! I’m a BIG fan I know that for sure!