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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MAY 08: Lil Nas X attends the Fashion Nova x Cardi B Collection Launch Party at Hollywood Palladium on May 08, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

It’s official! Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” featuring Billy Ray Cyrus has broken the record for longest consecutive No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The 20-year-old’s debut track has now spent more weeks at No. 1 on the Hot 100 than any other song in history. Yee-haw to that. 

At 17 weeks, Lil Nas X broke the record previously held by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men’s “One Sweet Day” & Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” featuring Daddy Yankee, according to Billboard. Both of those songs spent 16 weeks on top the Hot 100 in 1995-96 and 2017, respectively.

After that many weeks, it’s almost hard to remember a time when Lil Nas X’s country-trap hit wasn’t at the top of the charts. In fact, it was way back in March when it first debuted at No. 1 on the Hot 100. As the rapper joked, “It’s crazy how any baby born after March has not lived in a world where old town road wasn’t number 1.”

On a more serious note, Lil Nas X celebrated breaking the record on Instagram by looking back on how far he’s come. He talked about finding a beat that was a “country-trap sounding masterpiece” and writing this song on his sister’s porch back in December. At the time he was thinking about giving up on music. Luckily, he didn’t.

“This song has changed my life and the way I see the world around me in less than a year,” he wrote. “Thank you to every single person who has been apart of this journey. As I said before, it’s just the beginning!”

last year in october ???? , as a struggling artist ????????‍♂️starting to lose faith in what i could be, i went looking for beats on youtube????????‍????. i remember clicking on so many generic sounding beats????????trying to find the right one for me????. when suddenly i came across a country-trap ????????‍????????sounding masterpiece????. i immediately knew i would make something special out of it????????⚡️! my sister???????? told me i had little time left ⏳before i had to leave her house ???? after being there for months???? promoting my music???? online ????????and not helping????????‍♂️ her out much. i was so upset ????! i used it as motivation for the song????! i jokingly/seriously saw myself as a loner ????????‍♂️ cowboy???? needing to ????????run away from it all????! I went out ???????? on my sister's back porch ???? and listened to the beat ????OVER ????& OVER ????& OVER????!! then it came to me????!! in my best singing voice???? i sung???? "YEAHHH IM GONNA TAKE MY HORSE???? TO THE OLD TOWN ROAD ???? IM GONNA RIDEEEE TIL I CANT NO MORE ????????" I LOVED IT ALREADY! i started to work on it????????‍???? ????????EVERY SINGLE DAY????????. it needed to be funny????, it needed to be catchy????????, it needed to be hip hop ????????, it needed to be country????????, & it needed to be short????????!! by the time i was finished ???? setting it up ????????‍♂️ i was out of my sister's crib???? and at my brothers ????????‍???? place. on ☃️????december 2️⃣nd i went into the studio ???????????? & recorded OLD TOWN ROAD????????✨ & put it out the exact same ????day!! did i know it would become the longest running number 1️⃣ song of all time? ????NO! ‼️ but i am so thankful???????? that this blessing ✨ has been placed upon me????. this song has changed my life???????????? and the way i see the world????????around me????????‍♂️ in less than a year????. thank you to every single person☝️ who has been apart of this journey????. as i said???? before, it's just the beginning! ????????????⚡️

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