Kylie Jenner Dragged for Throwing 'Handmaid's Tale'-Themed Birthday Party

(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Kylie Jenner threw a Handmaid’s Tale-themed birthday party for her friend this weekend and let’s just say people had some serious questions.

For her friend’s 22nd birthday, Kylie and her pals dressed up in the red costumes that the Handmaids wear in the show, decorated her home with Gilead flags and had wait-staff dress up like Marthas.

The young women even used the phrases “Praise be,” and drank cocktails named “Under His Eye Tequila” and “Praise Be Vodka.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, it’s a dystopian tale based on Margaret Atwood’s novel of the same name. In the book and Hulu show, women’s rights are stripped away and their worth is based solely on their fertility. They are raped regularly and forced into bearing children for the wealthy.

The timing of the party was particularly unfavorable as reproductive rights have become a hot-button issue around the country in recent weeks.

Almost immediately after posting the pictures and video, Jenner became the subject of intense scrutiny on Twitter.

mirandaaithi on Twitter

Kylie Jenner is having a party themed after the Handmaid's's gonna tell her that her party is literally celebrating female enslavement for their biological reproduction?? WHO IS GOING TO TELL HER

Ilke Nackerdien on Twitter

Women's bodies get policed on a daily, some states are trying to ban abortion, yet Kylie Jenner thought a Handmaid's tale theme party was a good idea

Elizabeth C. McLaughlin on Twitter

Things I never thought I would tweet: Kylie Jenner hosted a Handmaid's Tale themed birthday party AS A JOKE. Don't @ me about the Kardashians unless you're prepared to talk about privilege, whiteness and how the loss of freedom is so fucking funny. Fuck her & her lip kits.

cayley on Twitter

It's 2019 and Kylie Jenner is hosting a "Handmaid's Tale" themed birthday party...SIS...

christina on Twitter

But why is Kylie Jenner having a handmaids tale party... she does realize it's about rape & oppression... right?