In August, a Colorado man was arrested days after his wife and three and four year old daughters went missing.

Just days earlier, Shanann and the couple’s daughters seemingly vanished from their home.

Now, Christopher Watt’s former mistress is speaking out about the ordeal.

During an interview with the Denver Post, Nichol Kessinger said Watts lied to her throughout their short relationship.

The two, who worked together at Anadarko Petroleum, began dating over the summer.

The woman was aware that Chris had a family, but as far as Nichol knew, Chris was a good dad who was about to be legally divorced.

That all changed the day Shanann and the girls went missing.

In truth, police were tipped off about the affair by Nichol herself.

At the time Shanann disappeared, Watts calmly told his then girlfriend that his wife and kids were gone.

At the time, Chris was not fazed by the fact his wife and girls were missing.

As the day went on, Nichol started to put the pieces together while watching the news.

Despite knowing about the two little girls, she had no idea Shanann was pregnant.

She started to think back about the things Chris told her and realized, if he didn’t tell her about his wife’s pregnancy, he was probably hiding other things from her.

When she tried to discuss the whereabouts of Chris’s family with him, or insinuate that he might have had something to do with the disappearance, Chris told her he wouldn’t hurt them. Other times, he would change the subject all together.

That’s when Nichol broke things off, and told him that he could reach out to her when his family was found.

Nichol turned to authorities and told them that she believed Chris had taken the lives of Shanann and the girls.

From there, it didn’t take investigators long to name Chris as a suspect.

More recently, Watts entered a guilty plea in all three deaths.

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