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A recent photo of Justin Bieber has raised quite a few eyebrows … for an unsuspecting reason.

On the heels of getting married to Hailey Baldwin, the Biebs was recently spotted hanging out at a park.

That fact alone is normally not headline worthy, but add a burrito to the story and things get interesting.

So, as we mentioned, Bieber was chilling at the park minding his own business when he decided to chow down on a burrito.

Confusion followed.

For whatever reason, the pop star chose to take a bite out of the middle of his burrito.

Yeah, we’re confused too as most people eat their burrito by biting into the end.

While the way he eats a burrito does seem really odd, it’s important to remember that Justin grew up in Canada.

It’s quite possible this is a canadian thing.

E News published a photo of the picture. You can see it by clicking here.

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