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Another Popular Netflix Series Has Just Been Canceled

On the heels of several other Netflix cancellations, it appears Harlem's beloved hero is now out of a job.

Yesterday, it was revealed that 'Luke Cage' will not appear on the streaming service for a third season.

The news comes as a bit of a surprise considering all indications pointed towards the show being renewed for another season.

Marvel confirmed the news in a statement to Deadline.

Marvel added that they are extremely thankful to all the fans who watched the show during its first two seasons.

Apparently, Marvel and Netflix couldn't come to an agreement regarding the direction of how the show should play out in season three.

Scripts for season three were written and submitted to Netflix for approval, however, the streaming service didn't seem particularly interested in the storyline.

Marvel fans disappointed by the news of the 'Luke Cage' cancellation will undoubtedly be clinging to the three remaining Marvel shows still on Netflix, 'Jessica Jones,' 'The Punisher,' and 'Daredevil.'

Naturally, fans reacted to the unexpected cancellation and are not happy about the news.

Michael J™ on Twitter

@SuperHeroHype @netflix @Marvel I wonder what's the excuse for this cancellation? I get Iron Fist, despite enjoying that series do to it was the least popular series in the bunch of Marvel shows on Netflix. This decision makes no sense at all. #LukeCage

Gallifreyan (DTR) on Twitter

Really bummed about #ironfist and #lukecage cancellations. Fingers crossed that this is in preparation for a new Heroes for Hire series

Sports Entertainment Soil. on Twitter

Wow...just waking up to this news about Luke Cage. That show was one of my favorites not only for the music but the action and strong characters that surrounding Luke. Not a fan of this decision at all...#LukeCage

Alec Maggio on Twitter

This better be a set up for Heroes For Hire... This legit has me pissed and sad. @Marvel @netflix shows are basically why I have Netflix. Legit, that's basically all I watch. #IronFist #LukeCage

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