Several people in Georgia were left with broken down cars after a bizarre incident.

According to CBS 46, a mix up at a gas station in Coweta County is the culprit.

Recently, several people filled up at the Newnan BP gas station on Highway US 29.

Unbeknownst to dozens of people, they were actually filling their gas tanks up with diesel fuel rather than regular.

Unfortunately, diesel is very damaging to vehicles who have a gas engine.

Not long after leaving the gas station, the vehicles broke down.

Many of the vehicle owners will now have to have their engines replaced.

While the issue has since been fixed, no doubt the situation is frustrating to car owners.

The good news is the expense to replace their engines won’t come out of their pockets.

If you are ever in this situation, contant the Agriculture Department in your state, the gas company, and your auto insurance company.

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