With Hurricane Florence heading towards the coast, everyone potentially in its path are taking precautions as they prepare for a devastating storm.

Many individuals have downloaded apps on their mobile devices to help keep them informed about how the storm is affected their area.

One of those apps is Zello.

Recently, some misinformation surfaced about the popular app, which acts as a walkie talkie — Used to communicate with other people in the community. In theory, Zello is a great tool in the event of a crisis, however, if cell service and wifi are both down, Zello isn’t going to work.

According to WLTX, while Zello may not be the best app to use during Hurricane Florence, another app called FireChat can be used without cell service or wifi.

If you don’t lose cell service or your wifi connection, Zello could be very informative. Folks are also encouraged to use popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate.

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