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After we reported Mac Miller died of a suspected overdose yesterday, new details have surfaced after police searched the rapper’s home.

The police search doesn’t necessarily support the notion that Miller died from a drug overdose, but it doesn’t disprove the theory either.

According to TMZ, Miller’s home appeared to be nearly drug free at the time they searched the residence.

While they did find the slightest remnants of a white powdery substance inside the house, no other bottles or drugs were found.

Their findings indicate that the home might have been cleaned prior to police arriving.

Now, one day after his death, suspicion is mounting regarding what happened immediately following his medical emergency. If the house was indeed wiped clean before authorities arrived, did other people at the residence dispose or hide the evidence? How much time passed between the medical emergency and the call for help?

Did people around Miller panic and delay calling 9-1-1 for fear they would get in trouble for supplying the rapper with drugs?

Lastly, could he have been saved?

While we won’t know Miller’s official cause of death until the coroner releases the toxicology report, there are a lot of questions that still need to be answered.

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