In today’s what the hey news, a missing woman reportedly “found herself” during a massive search.

This happened several years back, but it’s still mind-boggling.

According to CBS News, the woman, who was part of a tour group in Iceland, reportedly strayed away from the group at some point during the outing.

By the time she got back on the bus to travel to the next destination, the other travelers didn’t recognize her — Because she had changed clothes.

At that time, the woman was reported missing, due to the fact that she “didn’t make it back on the bus.”

The “missing woman” was described as an Asian woman, who was able to speak English well.

Apparently, the woman didn’t realize the “missing person” was actually herself, and helped the group search for the missing individual.

A massive search was organized for the woman and the coastguard was also involved.

As the hours went by, someone finally connected the dots that the woman had simply changed clothes, and upon discussing with the “woman they didn’t recognize,” she realized she was the “missing woman.”

Yeah, we’re confused about how this could happen too.

But, at least this story has a happy ending.

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