As expected, the affidavit in the Chris Watts case was made public today.

According to the document, Watts told authorities he strangled his pregnant wife, after witnessing her strangle their youngest daughter.

Channel 9 reports that prior to the death of Shanann Watts, Chris had told her he wanted to seperate.

Moments later, he claims to have witnessed Shanann strangling their daughter, Celeste.

Chris said he also saw his other daughter’s lifeless body laying on the bed nearby.

At that point, Watts said he strangled his wife out of anger — Killing her.

Regardless of the accusations, Watts was formally charged with murdering his wife, their two daughters, and unlawfully terminating a pregnancy.

While the investigation is still active, police uncovered Watts was having an affair with a coworker.

At this time, it’s not clear how long the affair had been going on for.

As previously reported, Shanann’s body was found in a newly dug shallow grave located on the property of Chris’s former employer.

His daughters bodies were found inside oil tanks located on the same property.

Watts’ lawyers had asked the judge to order DNA swabs of the neck area of the children, in addition to swabs of Shanann’s hands.

It is now believed this was an attempt to support Chris’s claims.

The DA, on the other hand, has voiced that Chris may have killed the girls while Shanann was in Arizona during her work trip.

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